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ODES ECU Flash Tuning


2011-2023 ODES Massimo 650, 800 & 1000cc UTV ECU Flashing Only- $149!!! 


* Also do 800 Sand Rails, 800 Assailant ATV, 650 Comrade UTV & EFI Model 170's Youth size utv!!!

*** Please include info of your bike in the box, it is impossible to call people anymore, include year, make, model, sub model & engine size & if nothing crazy like bbk, etc done I will just flash it correctly & get it back to you. 

You Like Power ??? Did you add a Performance Exhaust, Big bore Kit or Cams ??? or do you just want your factory atv to run cooler & better ??? Well don't look any further, We are a Exclusive ODES Performance Tuning Shop, We don't flash others tunes onto your computer, or use "basic tunes" that still require you to adjust your fueling, timing, etc, etc, We write our own tunes with fuel, timing & everything else already done, it's Plug & Play, easy as that. Also we don't have to pry apart your factory stamped & sealed computer to reflash it & then try to caulk it back in the hopes that it don't leak when you go mudding or wash your bike, We plug rite into your factory computer just like the manufacture would. We have spent hundreds of hours writing tunes for each & every Year, Model, Engine Size, Modification,etc, etc on our own on In House Dyno with Wideband. We've got tunes for most every modification there is, Chances are if you've done it, so have we & we got a tune ready...

 What makes us better ??? Besides 2 decades of experience Tuning Power Sports Vehicles & countless hours writing & testing tunes for every year, make model Odes utv, We write our own tunes on our own Dynojet Dyno, we can alter our own tunes & fine tune so no need for any piggy backs, we can do everything rite in your factory computer & no one will ever know.
Proven Tunes, Lots of Recommendations & a lot of the high ups in the industry / world use our tunes & dealer to do there own & customers bikes.. Expect around 5-6 rwhp (Around 9 Horse Power) on a stock 800 & way more on those with exhaust, cams, bbk's, etc, etc.

Don't waist your $ on one of them blinky boxes "tuners" etc, not because they cost $250-$399 but because all they do is piggy back between your factory fuel injector cables & fool the already preset signal going to them, they don't change your computer, they don't change your fuel tables, they don't change your timing tables, they don't change limiters, etc, etc & you don't have a bunch of wires or have to worry about them getting wet & then shorting out. What we do is alter your already factory tune, everything is done in your factory computer just like factory!!!
Add Power & Don't look back... We will make your atv or utv run cooler, make more power & over all just run better & make your throttle so much smoother, snappier throughout the entire rpm range, We also offer factory tunes for those that run lean from the factory & melt your plastics, heat up your cab, that dealer will never know, Won't void your factory warranty!!!
Our ECU flashes alter the already installed factory tunes, No worries about anything getting wet or shorting out.
We can adjust Ignition Timing, Fuel Tables, Reduce Engine Limiters, Turn Radiator Fans on earlier & in Race Applications, Remove Rev Limiters, Speed Limiters & allow Gas & Brake Launch Control. (Please contact us For Race Applications First)

All you got to do is hit the throttle, all our tunes are written in house & have all fuel & timing adjustments already rite on the dime & ready to roll.

Ecu "Computer" removal is easy, all you got to do is remove 2 8mm bolts with 2 10mm nuts that hold your computer to the passengerside under your hood directly above your battery box, press the pin on the plug & pull, removing your ecm from your atv/ utv, drop it in the mail with your name & phone# in the box, We will get it a couple days, fash to your liking & mail back out to you.

We simply plug into your factory connector, make a copy your factory tune, save it under your name, then make changes to your fuel, timing, etc, but being we don't have to remove or pry open your computer each time to make changes in most cases it can be done in less then 2 hours, we are constantly making new tunes as new products come available. 


*If you ever add anymore mods to your atv & need changes done again to match we only charge $50 to reflash to your new changes.

*Also Can be changed back to Stock at Anytime.

The way it works: You simply remove your computer ECM  & drop it in the mail with your name & phone# in the box & when we get it a couple days, we make a copy of your factory tune with your name, make changes to your computer, then in a few days mail your ecu back & you'll be saying man this is Awesome!!!

Guaranteed!! If you don't like it we'll either make changes to your liking for free, or return it back to stock & refund all your $.

We can Adjust Timing, Adjust Fuel Tables, Raise Speed Limiters, Remove Torque Limiters, Raise Rev Limiters, Boost Levels, Gas & Brake limiters, & adjust for tire sizes.


Powersports Tuning
P.O BOX 249 
GilletteWY 82717


The website will send you an email with the tracking number for the return of your computer. 

***If you do not have a printer check out online, send your ECU in with a piece of paper that states your year, make, model, submodel, engine size & any mods you have a long with yout name, & order number in the box.

 ***Don't forget to include your Phone & Order# in the box with your ecu.

*Disclaimer. Please be advised that tuning is meant for off-road vehicles only!

Customer Reviews

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mark hutton hutton

This flashing has exceeded my expectations, more noticeable horsepower but idle stability, no longer dying at stops, running cooler, smooth transition shifting from forward to reverse meaning throttle pressure even not jerky when powering up in reverse. warms up quicker ready to go!

Brent Denton

I have to say the lack of communication was a little scary,,, but the end result was worth it. The SXS is better in every area! Smooth. More torque, throttle response and it has good torque feel at pedal all time!

Odes Dominator X4 1000 ECU Flash Tune

Definitely noticed an improvement in throttle response, along with the engine running cooler after getting the ODES ECU Flash Tune done by Powersports Tuning. I have a 2018 Odes X4 Dominator 1000. Highly recommended!

A whole new machine

Ray was fast to reflash and send out my ecu.

Leroy Terrell

Great turn around. Works as advertise.